“You can’t judge a good Sailor in Calm Seas”

“You can’t judge a good Sailor in Calm Seas”

Good Friday:

One of my favorite quotes is . . . “You can’t judge a good Sailor in Calm Seas”

I think this holds true for Organizational Leadership.   As we go thru these tough times, organizations are going to have to make some tough decisions related to furloughing staff.    

While tough decisions are called “tough” for a reason, it is how you communicate these decisions and manage thru them that makes all the difference in the world.

This reminds me of a principle I was made aware of about 10 years ago called Procedural Justice   

  • Definition of Procedural Justice:  Refers to the idea of fairness in the processes that resolve disputes and allocate resources.
  • Layman’s Definition: Do individuals feel like they were treated fairly and with dignity and respect when the outcome of a decision didn’t go their way.

Consider some of the guiding principles of Procedural Justice as a guide for communicating and managing thru the tough decision of furloughing

  • The decision making process was handled as openly and transparent as possible
  • The decision-making process was adequately explained to you
  • I was provided useful information regarding next steps   
  • I was provided timely information regarding the next steps  
  • I was treated with kindness and consideration
  • I was treated fairly  

As I read back thru these principles, I feel confident that if Organizations Leadership can “check the box” on all 6 of these – – they can maintain passionate and engaged employees as they move forward Post-COVID

Have a Great Weekend

David Szary

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