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Think about these things before you tell coworkers that you’re looking for a job

If you want a higher paying job, the Time to Quit is now

These are the 8 lists that you need when starting a job search

Should you tell your co-works you’re job searching?

How to get a job without experience

10 Questions to ask in a job interview to really stand out

When is the best time to apply for jobs

Relocating for a job 5 things to consider

Revising your resume if you are a stay at home parent

This is what to say (and what not to say) during any salary negotiation

Don’t wait for a life changing event to change jobs

You asked for a raise and didn’t get one. Now What?

9 ways to kickstart your job search

#1 mistake job seekers make when explaining why they want the job to Hiring Managers

The Right way to answer “what do you like least about your job?”

You probably answer these 5 common interview questions wrong

Oprah quit ’60 Minutes.’ The reason why is an essential lesson in how to pick your next job

Fired, quit, or laid off? Here’s how to explain the blip

How to show you are passionate in a job interview

The best answers to “Are you willing to relocate?” Depending on your situation

13 questions hiring managers love to ask in phone interviews (and how to answer like a pro)

How to address employment gaps in your resume

22 phone interview tips that help you nail the call (and move to the next round)

How to bring up remote work when you are interviewing

This is how introverts can prepare for job interviews

Clean up your social media or risk not getting hired

Here’s what to bring to your next job interview (aside from your A-game)

The 30 best tips to prepare for an interview

3 things to remember when you want to quit your job

3 better ways to answer “why should we hire you?”

Why the 8-hour workday doesn’t work these days

Here’s what when I interviewed for a new job while heavily pregnant

How to convince your boss to let you work remotely

How to tell your boss you don’t want a promotion

How to write a job resignation letter

How to adjust after relocating for a job

As these 5 questions to find out if you’ll like your future boss

Should you apply on a job board or a company website?

Should you leave a job with high turnover?

8 tips for parents going back to work after a baby

How to handle all the messy, awkward parts of giving notice at work

2 ways to learn the unspoken rules at a company before accepting a job

The Big 4 – Workplace Environments that are critical to retaining talent

The importance of getting along with others

7 texting mistakes that can ruin your reputation at work

HR Execs Agree: Successful Human Resources Requires a Human Touch

The one quality makes every team more effective

Nearly 1 in 4 people will take a pay cut in favor of more time off

Employees who feel valued are more engaged

A survey asked employees how they feel about work. Half said this 1 thing bothers them most

Bill Gates says you must offer this perk if you want to hire the best people

Employers overpay by 5% to Attract New Hires

Generation Z – 3 simple tips leaders need to know to keep them from leaving

2 perks your employees actually want this summer (and 2 they don’t)

Workplace burnout now a syndrome

The problems with these 5 dumb (but common hiring practices)

Managers, it’s time to give up on the annual review once and for all

This is how to know if your employee is thinking of quitting

5 signs you need to leave your current job now

No, remote work isn’t a “new” perk – it’s been around for about 1.4 million years

5 reasons why would someone what to work for your company?

15 cool job perks that keep employees happy

The surprising power of simply asking coworkers how they’re doing

1 strategic interview question that reveals the truth about a company’s culture

Your foolproof guide to hugging at work (because it can get awkward)

More millennials are demanding these workplace perks

Offer incentives workers want

What is a compressed work schedule and should you offer it?

Here is why hiring managers should contact hob seekers a week after their final interview

Everyone hates open offices. Here’s why they still exist

6 ways leaders may be out of touch with their employees

Why it is important for employers to follow up with candidates after job interviews

6 things millennials value more than a big paycheck

Why to employees quit on their bosses? 5 Common reasons

Gen-Z employees don’t do email

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1992 – Created Managing by Metricssm – first Continuous Improvement Recruitment Management System based on Eli Goldratte’s Theory of Constraints and Lean/Six Sigma principles.

1993-1996 – Authored The Recruiter Handbook.  The Foundation of The Recruiter Academy Certification Program

1996 – Created a competency/skill assessment profile to identify and hire individuals for talent acquisition roles that had sales competencies/characteristics and ZERO recruitment experience!

1997 – Founded The Recruiter Academy Certified Education Program. The first “bachelor’s degree” equivalent Education Program for recruiters working within all specialties.

1997-2019 – Trained over 15,000 recruiters within respected organizations throughout the world.

2001 – Created the first Staffing Optimization Tool to identify the optimum number of FTE resources (recruiters, sourcers, administrative, leaders) to meet hiring demand based on manufacturing supply chain & MRP methodologies.

2001-2008 – Developed recruitment solutions for some of the largest financial/banking and home building companies in the nation hiring over 150,000 professionals a year.

2009 – Founder of Lean Human Capital

2009 – Founder/creator of the first Recruitment Metrics Benchmark Study exclusively for Healthcare organizations.

2009 – Author of the Best (and worst) Advice for Job Seeker’s – Pragmatic guide to seeking employment in a challenging labor market.  

2009-2019 – Helped over 1200 hospitals within 250 health systems create Optimization Recruitment Organizations capable of meeting hiring demand while reducing Cost of Vacancy and improving the customer experience.

2011 – Created the Elite Honor Roll Awards to recognize recruitment excellence within the Healthcare industry.

2019 – Founding Member – RogueTalent